Siglo Cutters

Siglo cutters are made with high quality stainless steel blades to cut precisely without leaving behind any frayed edges. The cutters are lightweight & small enough to fit into any pocket.

They have been designed to fit precisely & comfortably in your hand during the clipping process. All models available in a range of colours.

We understand that the full enjoyment of a Havana starts with a proper cut. It doesn't matter if you have a fondness for single or double blade, punch or V cut, we carry a range of cutters that will compliment any preference including lines from Promethius & Alfred Dunhill.

Siglo Bullet Punch Cutter $97.00
Siglo Twin Blade Cutter $52.00
Siglo CC Twin Blade Cutter $59.00
Siglo Switch Blade Cutter $96.00
Siglo Seki Cutter $185.00
Siglo Keychain Punch Cutter $49.00