Where are your Cigars?

A very common question we get, so much so this is an almost several-times-daily one.
New Zealand has some very unique laws around the sale and supply of tobacco product to the public. Of these, the law prohibiting the advertising or display of the product, its packaging, images, likeness, branding or even use of the word 'cigar' are what affect us in our daily trade.
These laws were designed for cigarettes, and for high-risk retailers (supermarkets/service stations/convenience stores) where underage public had immediate visual access to these products. The legislation as passed is so broad that it covers all tobacco products including cigars.
Unfortunately this means we may do no more than identify what brands and variants we carry, and for what price we sell them for.

Can I purchase on your website?

At the moment, the short answer is no.
We are working on bringing an online shop to our retail customers so that we may better serve them more conveniently.
Right now, you can request or download our current pricelist, email or phone through your order and we can process with Credit/Debit Cards and for orders received before 2PM, we will have your order with the courier that afternoon and your order will have a target delivery timeframe to be with you the next business day (Urban centres), Rural and CMB addresses can take 2-3 days longer.
We do accept Direct Credit payments, however these can take 3-5 business days to clear, so we prefer card payments for prompt order processing.

We are wanting to streamline this process for our customers as soon as possible, so watch this space!!

How can I be sure your cigars are actually Cuban?

Several ways actually!
A quick google will show we are in fact The Pacific Cigar Company (NZ) Limited. We trade in New Zealand under Havana House Cuban Products Specialist Limited, this is because in NZ Public-facing businesses are not allowed names that include words associated with tobacco products.
The Pacific Cigar Company Limited holds the exclusive distribution contract for all of Asia Pacific with Habanos S.A. directly in Havana, Cuba. You don't get much more authentic that direct from source!

I see you offer Duty Free, How does this work?

Great question, and one we love to help out with!
A lot of our customers travel fairly frequently, so taking advantage on tax & duty-free products is definitely worth looking into, but you must be aware they they are subject to personal allowances.

Entering into New Zealand or Australia for example, the total limit of tobacco product is 50grams (1.76oz), which is approximately 3 Robustos, or 5 Coronas -sized cigars.
You may think this is very little, and in comparison to what it used to be, or to what other places in the world permit, it is, however - when you consider adding NZ excise tax on this as well as NZ sales tax (GST) of 15% you would pay almost double on a retail purchase in contrast to duty free prices, so we suggest taking advantage of these allowances where and when you can!

We currently only service Auckland International Arrivals & Departures, through "The Collection Point" service in the baggage arrivals hall (before customs), and in the Duty Free shopping area on departure (after customs).
We require two working days prior to your travel to be able to arrange for your order to transit in time for your pickup. This is so your cigars remain in premium condition having only just left our in-store Humidor and to prevent any potential delays.

NOTE: We can in some circumstances offer a next-day delivery service to The Collection Point. This however is dependent on the time of day the order is completed with us, and available couriers. An Urgent Courier charge will apply to these orders.