Fuego Robusto Electric Lighter Kit



Product Info

The Fuego Robusto lighter redefines the cigar smoking experience. This unique rechargeable & windproof lighter features a burner plate that heats upto a 62 ring gauge area. Made with travel in mind, the burner plate is able to uncsrew from the battery base ensuring that the lighter can not be accidentally lit. The lighter can be rechaged via the included USB cable.The Fuego Robusto Lighter will give you an even surface light every time. How to use: 1. Press the Fuego button 5 times continuously in order to turn the device on or off. The Fuego button will flash to indicate action. 2. When on, press and hold the fuego button down until the burner plate is red hot. Hold the Fuego button down throughout the entire cigar lighting process. 3. Gently touch the end of the cigar to the red hot burner plate and begin to puff as you would traditionally. Do not push down or use excessive force as this could damage the burner plate. Tip: To achieve a perfect light every time, keep cigar end flush with the red hot burner plate and puff until cigar is adequately smoking. Warning, during and after this process burner plates will ber hot.