How do I cut & light?

Most cigars will come uncut. To avoid tearing the cap and having your cigar unravel, always use a cutter. You will only need to cut a few millimetres from the cap. There are several different types of cutters including a straight cut, V cut and punch cut. The method you choose will be a matter of personal preference and we have several styles for you to choose from.

The fumes from a fluid lighter can interfere with the taste of your cigar so matches or a butane lighter are the best source of ignition. Hold your cigar at a 40 degree angel in one hand while rotating it slightly above the flame until the end is evenly toasted. Place in your mouth and hold the flame slightly away from the foot of the cigar while slowly turning and drawing. It is important to take your time to keep the burn even, and thus avoid an uneven burn up one side. All of our lighters are fuelled by butane to give you the pure experience you deserve.