Storage solutions – What is a Humidor?

Cigars are made of rolled fermented and dried tobacco. As tobacco is grown in tropical and humid conditions, cigars have been designed to be stored at an optimal condition of 68% to 72% humidity and between 18 to 20 degrees Celsius. The most common means of retaining these conditions is by storing your cigars in a Humidor which is basically a humidity controlled space with a hygrometer and humidifier to monitor humidity levels. Humidifiers prefer distilled water to tap water since it contains none of the minerals and chlorine that tap water does.

Havana House have a wide range of humidors available, and all come with a humidifier. Our Siglo range of humidors are handmade in every stage of production, made from premium Spanish Cedarwood and finished with 15 hand applied layers of clear lacquer. Siglo Humidors are available in different sizes for storing 10 upto 500 cigars.

Should you not be ready to invest in a Humidor yet, another option is to store your cigar in a ziplock bag with a Boveda humidipak which will help to stop things from drying out. Store your collection away from direct sunlight.

We also have a range of pocket cases so you can carry your Cubans in style. Carrying in a case will help protect your cigars from damage while you are on the go. Our Siglo range of pocket cases can hold two to three sticks with most being made from soft calf leather.