Siglo 75-Stick Humidor Revolution


SKU: 60700509D

Product Info

Inspired by the posters “United for greater victory” printed in China back in the 50’s – 70’s, SIGLO has created this wonderful humidor for cigar aficionados. The Siglo humidor reads “Puff for greater victory”. Much time and effort was invested to the design, concept and making of the Siglo humidor. Siglo Humidors ensure optimum storage condition for your valuable cigars, each humidor comes complete with a digital hygrometer and a humidifier. Each humidor is unique and slight variations in colors are signs of craftsmanship and natural beauty of the product. Siglo 75 stick humidors have a key and lock.
All Siglo humidors are individually packaged. All Siglo humidor boxes come in a velvet bag and are presented in beautiful Siglo gift box.