Siglo Twin Flames Tattoo Lighter Dragon



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Product Info

Collaborating with the world-famous tattoo studio – Tattoo Temple, SIGLO has created this unique series of beautiful accessories featuring body-art designs.

Tattoo Temple and SIGLO have one thing in common – the dedication to perfection. We spent over a year to craft and develop the series – achieving the highest quality collection and art work.
Jet flame offers you the efficiency of lighting a cigar while normal flame offers the style of lighting a cigar without overheating. The twin-flame lighter is the first in the market which offers both jet flame and normal flame in one system, allowing you to start lighting a cigar with jet flame and finish with normal flame. Four designs are available: Tao, Dragon, HK Skyline and Tiger – with the Tao being a Joey Pang creation, the founder and Art Director of Tattoo Temple.